Beware any Taxable Personal

Beware any Taxable Personal - Currently, the government is preparing individual tax court, so that each person will be required to pay taxes according to ability.

"Later, each person will be required to pay according to ability," said Director General of Taxes M Tjiptardjo, when the socialization of taxation for journalists, in Bogor, on Saturday (12/04/2010).

According to him, no matter how much the taxes paid but public awareness of the responsibility of paying taxes for every citizen. "If the first war era we are obligated to defend the country, now we must pay taxes to build the country," he said.

Earlier, Director General of Taxes M Tjiptardjo responded positively DKI Jakarta Provincial Government's decision to impose a restaurant tax to Warung Tegal (Warteg).

"We're just a baseball salary for income tax paid Warteg, the Warteg baseball. The question that its income will be little, pay little tax. Yes, we'll prepare," he explained.